DHB 100, Dihydroboldenone(1-Testosterone), HPLC Tested, 10 ml Vial.


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2 reviews for DHB 100, Dihydroboldenone(1-Testosterone), HPLC Tested, 10 ml Vial.

  1. TAB

    I have been cycling this DHB 100 continuously at 100 mg eod, which is its low end dose for muscle building/definition/hardening and strength endurance, my results certainly noticeable.
    I pin glutes at 1mL, and have not experienced PIP .
    Back around 1919 international forum reviewers reported feeling several
    days of flu type symptoms when using DHB, it was proven to be non viral.
    Myself personally with having my strength compromised from
    the side effects of receiving intensive radiation therapy.
    The beginning my 2nd week on DHB i also experienced a few days of the reported DHB side effect.
    I am glad I went back onto my DHB cycle because the positives have been nothing short of marvelous, far too many to mention except to say that any buyer will not be disappointed, cheers TAB

  2. TAB (verified owner)

    I am thankful beyond measure that Chief Labs are making DHB avalable , I have used it and it produces that beautiful well rounded standout 3D quality muscle that we all strive for , this product has real character smooth and well brewed. cheers TAB

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